Hi Ann,

I had one of your cakes, the ‘oh chocolate and raspberry’. It was delicious, I’d buy it again. I got it in the Supervalu in Rathgar in Dublin. The Supervalu in Swords Pavilions in Dublin would be a great place for that cake as well. I’m from there and know a lot of people there with a sweet tooth and it’s a busy place.

I think the choc and raspberry cake is really an above average quality muffin type cake, like a good muffin, not dry, nice and moist and with a proper chocolatey flavour. For the chocolate addict – such as myself – I thought if it was shot through in some manner with even more chocolate decadence…but then perhaps it would be sickening. A greater intensity of enjoyment but perhaps would buy the cakes so often, ‘twould leave me wanting less not more perhaps.

And then there’s the risk that it can be made too chocolatey, in trying to make it intensely chocolatey, as it’s a fine line after all.

The chocolate and raspberry one is on your list of product range on the website.

Kind regards,

The Mmmm Tart, absolutely delicious & scrumptious…. Not a crumb left